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I'm optimistic about the trajectory of Woodstock and strongly believe we can build on the positive, exciting momentum that we are already seeing thanks to media attention from the likes of WGN, PBS, and The Today Show. However, I believe we should build strategically, thoughtfully, and carefully, and while doing so, truly hear from and engage with those who live, work, and play in our amazing city.

Woodstock's Comprehensive Plan

"Woodstock is creating a roadmap for the City to direct future growth and development over the next 20 years" ( Whose voices will be heard? Who will be the conduit between the taxpayers of this city and those with their own vision (and agenda) for it? 

I aspire to be the representative on council who has listened to varied opinions and ideas, processed and considered those, and makes choices based on what is in the greatest interest for the greatest number of people -- not just a minority. 

Major Projects in the Next Four Years

Consider this. Woodstock will undergo significant changes in the next several years. To name a few:

  • construction and expansion of Rt. 47

  • opening of the renovated Old Courthouse

  • groundbreaking and development of the former Die Cast site

  • initial considerations for renovations at the Opera House

  • proposal to move the Metra Railyard from Crystal Lake - with costs estimated at nearly $100 million 


Woodstock City Council has a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayer, and I do not take that lightly.

Attract and Retain

Am I a patron to our local small businesses? You bet I am! I prefer to keep money circulating at the micro level whenever possible, so it's a priority to both attract new business to Woodstock while simultaneously supporting our existing ones. 

But, attraction and retention doesn't end with businesses. How do we as a city attract and retain residents who want to call this city "home"? And how can Woodstock attract visitors who enjoy our city not just once, but on repeat visits? 

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